Our Restaurant Brands

every matchboxfoodgroup restaurant is set to provide you with a rustic ambiance where talented chefs prepare a variety of simple artisan foods. while each brand has its own story, a constant passion for what we do and the strong community spirit remains.

matchboxfoodgroup brands encompass an experience where people can unwind after a long day or join friends and family for a celebration. each location makes for a perfect setting for any occasion. and the dedication among our seasoned chefs and friendly waitstaff ensures that you’ll always be satisfied.

casual, cool and contemporary. join family and friends on an outdoor patio or beside a fire pit to enjoy chef-driven bistro fare or wood-burning oven pizza. pair a craft beer or cocktail with your meal for the perfect evening.

take a step back in time, ted’s bulletin combines a new age take on a classic shake joint. displayed with vintage family photos, they offer classics such as tomato soup, grilled cheese, and other traditional recipes that have been passed along from generation to generation, staying true to ted neal himself. ted’s bulletin aims to serve the surrounding neighborhoods and support the people of the community.

a vintage hot dog joint that will send your taste buds soaring. designed with the ease of simpler times, DC-3 focuses on the glory days of american aviation. choose from a variety of toppings, or pick a unique specialty dog. then enjoy a side of fries, a classic milkshake or a fountain soda.

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