about-ownersit all started when three friends teamed up to bring to life a dream they believed in. combining their life savings, they opened their first restaurant in chinatown, dc. what began as a tribute to their father soon became a thriving business based on the idea of community where friends and families could bond over hearty meals.

with more than 60 years of restaurant experience combined, these three friends utilized their passion and entrepreneurial spirits to create something bigger than serving food. since then, their restaurants have begun to span the country and they’ve established roots in various cities to become part of the neighborhoods.

at matchboxfoodgroup, we’ve dedicated ourselves to offering a one-of-a-kind experience, unique only to our brand. The polished service provided by our waitstaff is just the start of this. the carefully designed delectable bites prepared by talented chefs and inviting atmosphere of every matchboxfoodgroup location allow us to grow together. joining others and giving back has always been what matchboxfoodgroup is about.